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All You Need to Know About Pull Up Variations

Pull ups are a great exercise for building muscles in your upper body as well as your abs. In particular, the exercise is known for being incredibly versatile. There are many different ways you can change the exercise to suit your workout goals, such as if you want to target your shoulder muscles more. Here’s all you need to know about pull up variations.

Wide Grip Pull Ups

Performing pull ups with a wide grip places extra emphasis on your shoulder and trapezius muscles. If you want to achieve a broader frame, you should definitely consider this variation. By making your grip wider, you’ll notice that your shoulders will perform the bulk of the pulling maneuver. Shortly after, the last stretch of the exercise will focus directly on your trapezius muscles.

Close Grip Pull Ups

Another popular variation you can try is close grip pull ups. By making your grip closer together, you’ll put more emphasis on your upper back and triceps. If you want your arms to look bigger, while also strengthening your back, this variation of pull up is best. The core motion is primarily supported by using your upper back. However, the entire pulling motion involves heavy usage of the triceps. If you continuously practice this style of pull up, you’ll notice your arms and back will become thicker. This is number one exercise recommended by Pull Up Bars Ireland.

Weighted Pull Ups

After performing many pull ups, your own body weight might be too light for you to get a good workout. If you’ve become too strong to simply use your body weight, you should perform the common variation of the pull up, which is weighted pull ups. All you need to do to perform this variation is to get a weight belt and some weights. Simply wrap the belt around your torso with a weight of your choosing. From there, perform the exercise as you normally would, except this time you’ll notice much more resistance thanks to the extra weight.

One Arm Pull Ups

If you want to challenge yourself significantly, you should consider the one arm pull up variation. The exercise is exactly the same as regular pull ups, except you’re only allowed to use one arm. Essentially, you’re doubling the work your arms have to do during the exercise. You’ll notice it’s much harder to perform the exercise when you can only use one arm, which is great for further developing your muscles. Always make sure to alternate between both arms, otherwise only one side of your body will get bigger, resulting in an uneven look.

Behind the Neck Pull Ups

You can significantly change the muscles targeted during a pull up by placing your arms behind your neck. By holding onto the bar while having your arms behind your neck, you’ll be able to perform an interesting variation of this exercise. You’ll immediately notice a much greater emphasis on your trapezius when doing this variation of the pull up. Your neck and deltoid muscles are also heavily worked throughout this type of pull up exercise. If you want to develop a thicker neck and trapezius, performing this style of pull up is best.